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Wish you a Happy Married Life!



This is the picture of my extended family, all the way from the Lion island. It was taken the day after my reception, in the mid-afternoon to be exact. And yet, none of them had even showered. In fact, they were all in their shorts and pajamas, still half-asleep, haha


The person standing at the back far left of this picture is my husband. I kept on forgetting his nickname in my blog, changing from one name to another; so from now on let’s just call him Mr Saree. He looked crisp and clean (as usual) and most importantly, looked as if he had showered, in spite of being surrounded with a bunch of stinky us.

Well, that’s only because he had to run errand to buy breakfast in the wee hour of the morning for all of us and he had grabbed the only shirts taken fresh from the dry cleaners.


My two little brothers are also in this picture. We, the siblings looked alike like it was moulded from the same shape, just in different gender, of course. My mum is also here, looking terribly happy and messy. She also hasn’t showered. Ha ha.

Everyone in my family is here, with an exception of my father, who was nowhere to be seen. He’s camera shy, you see.


I was sitting in the middle of the picture, next to the best cousin in the world, Mrs Za! No, no, I’m not the one who got strangled over by her. That is my sister. People often confuse me with her, and say we look alike a lot.  Truth be told, I look nothing like her and she is so much better looking than I am. (read: hopefully not) Ha ha :p


Anyway, there I was, sitting  besides Mrs Za, on her right. Yes, yes, the one with the lion-hair like. It was the side effect from the day before; the heavy chemical hair spraying with some of the hair pins still attached on my head.

I know I should’ve shampooed it immediately after the reception, but I was having an all-nighter with my best friend (which was also in the picture) and my only sister, talking and laughing incredibly hard about, well, me!


I realised it now why most people love getting married. For the Malay, it was truly a noisy, lively and boisterous affair. Relatives would start opening up the wedding tents across the yard, DJs were hired to get the wedding musics blaring throughout the neighbourhood and the neighbourhood ‘kompang’ team would persistently play the kompang behind the bride and groom to indicate the arrival of the pasangan pengantin to the welcoming guests. The guests started to pour in and out to share the joyous moment with them, the “Raja Sehari”. 

Such a wonderful and enriching experience one shall not miss at least once in their lifetime.


Like any other wedding, everyone in my family was deliriously happy, and as evident, this picture said it all. Since this is the first wedding in my family, my cousin and aunties, not to forget several handful of close friends were helping out like crazy especially towards the end.  I was touched by the overwhelmed love and support from them, and at the same time was anxious to get through it all. I was going through a mixed feeling; happy, overwhelmed, touched, emotional, crazy anxious, and most importantly, beyond cloud nine.  Actually, I was beyond that.


It has been almost four months since my wedding day. Tomorrow, my little sister is going to follow my step and becomes someone’s wife, InsyaAllah. It was so funny that we (separately) actually decided to tell our parent about getting married roughly about the same time from each other. The day my mother told me that my sister hinted to her that she wanted to get married,  Mr. Saree (who was not aware of what happened) proposed to me the very same day. My mother in the past often quacks to us about getting us a “jodoh”. Little that she know (at the time) that she ended up getting two son-in-law in four months’ time! 🙂 


Anyway, now that two of us decided to get married, we deliberated. sister-style.  And so, after series of hair pulling and exchanging vulgar words to each other like “I want to get married first, dammit! , I won the catfight and finally settled that I would get married first. And she would be a sore loser. LOL


Anywhoo… Wedding is definitely one special event not only to the bride and groom, but also one of the joyous moment you can truly share it with the whole family. It was definitely worth every one bit, though, I don’t think I want to be bride and do it all over again. I rather skip the whole yada yada and be married, haha.


So, to my dearest sister, zuray and our newest family, Usop Sontorian, my husband and I would like to wish you  guys,

source: google image

We wish you God’s Blessing on Your Wedding Day, and may He always be the heart of your marriage,  the light of your home, and the ever-present partner in your life together.


From us with love,



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